ǻ  <Biota of Mt.Gwanak areas>

ink-jet print, each 35x25.4cm 6ea., 2011






ǻ ȣ  <Gwanak Mountain Tiger Research Station>

maps, drawings, archives, installation, 2011






ǻ ȣ  <Yesterday and Today of Gwanak Mountain Tiger Research Station>

single channel video, 03'17'', 2011






3 ȣ  <Three Tiger Experts>

3 channel video installation, 09'45'', 09'58'', 10'52'', 2010-11









ťƮ  <Document>

single channel video, 13'16'', 2011-12







ݴ  <Eyewitness Accounts>

single channel video, 05'27'', 2011





ݴ  <Eyewitness Accounts>

mixed media, 80x180x70cm, 2011












ǻ ȣ

Gwanak Mountain Tiger




̵ ϴ ſ ָ ǻ ٶ󺻴. տ 츮 츮 Ʒ ô , Ʒ ڿ ״ dz ø. ̰ ϳ ε, ʹ ǷϿ ġ . ׷ ƴ϶ Ʒ dz ð հ ٰ ͸ .

<ǻ ȣ> Ʈ ɼ, ׸  ߻ϰ ۵ϴ° ۾̴. ſ Ͽ Ǿٰ ȣ̸ ǻ̶ ҿ Ȥ Ͽ ϴ , δ ſ õ Ͽ , 籸ϰ ǹȭ ϴ ִ.



When sky is clear, I see Mt.Gwanak in the distance. While looking at a clear mountain peak, suddenly the complicated city beneath the peak seems disappeared, and then I am thinking about unfolded landscape of nature as it is. It is pretty happy. The mountain seems very clear just like to watch star light tens of thousands light-year before. So, it seems the whole scenery under the mountain is come up to me transcendingly yoke of time.

<Gwanak Mountain Tiger> was initiated from my interest how imagination, possibility and belief are generated and operated. This artwork is about finding a tiger which has been regarding as an instinct animal by scientific and unscientific methods in Mt.Gwanak, which is in suburbs of Seoul. Through performative and sometimes self-mocking activities and practices, I try to document reality and reconstruct memory and imagination of the community.