Ǫ  <Flickering Blue>

wall text in the memorial stone of homesickness, blue coloured fluorescent lights with a sensor, installation, 2012







 <Love Song>

single channel video, 19'59'', 2012





긮  <Cerulean Blue>

oil on canvas, 193.9x391cm, 2012






̷  <a Bright Future>

single channel video, 04'22'', 2012












The Angle of Recognition




û ̿ ġ ΰȣ ûȣ ϳ , ٶ󺸴 ٸ ðȭ ۾ ν Ʒ ٸ ۾ Ǿ ִ. < >, <긮 >, < ̷>, <Ǫ >̶ ٿ ۾ ſ , ̻, 鿡 ûȣ ϰ , ٸ 巯 ν Ʋ ȿ ȸ ش.



<The Angle of Recognition> is about different viewpoints on Dae-Cheong-Ho, which is the artificial lake located between Daejeon and Cheongju in South Korea. It shows the frame of cognition and social context from several particular angles. The work of art consists of four pieces and each works titled <Love Song>, <Cerulean Blue>, <a Bright Future>, and <Flickering Blue> represent Dae-Cheong-Ho respectively in terms of the past and the present, the real and the ideal, memory and record.