2010  <Hope 2010 Seoul Summer>

video on GPS navigation, 08'42'', 2010








ã  <Chasing Hope>

digital pigment print, each 62.5x50cm 20ea., 2010













102  <102 Pictures of Hope>

each 10x15.2cm. 102 phtos, installation, 2010






102  <102 Marks of Hope>

round stickers, 2011







102 ãƼ  <Chasing Hope in Seoul>

artist book, 2011







Chasing Hope in Seoul




츮 ̶ ܾ ϰ ü Ȯ ̾߱ ϱ ϴ. ߻ ̱⵵ ϰŴϿ ڿ ־ װ ǹϴ ٰ ٸ, ü Ϸ ϸ ̳ ̾߱ ϱ ̴. δ , ƴϸ ϱ⿡ ʹ Ȥϱ⿡ 츮 ϱ⸦ ִ. ƹ ̱⺸ٴ ̻ Ϳ ︱ ܾϱ ϴ ǹ .

̶ ߻ ̼ǿ ԷϿ ϴ ۾ , Ÿ ̿Ͽ ̵ϴ Ģ ´. ̼ 빮 ġ ˷ ̰, Ŵ ü Ͽ ̴. ۵ ã θ ϴ (δ ְų ۴ ) ̸, ÿ ǰó Ʈ ȫϴ Ѵ. Ʈ ſ ̴.



Though we often hear and use the word of hope, it is not easy to talk about what it is exactly, for it is abstract, different what it means to individuals, and changes into an awfully realistic story when we try to explain it in detail. Possibly, sometimes we are a little bit shy or reluctant to ask about hope and answer it since a personal life is too harsh to think of it. Somehow, I wonder whether 'hope' is more compatible with ideal rather than realistic.

As the work process is to input the abstract concept of hope in navigation to trace, it is a rule to move by bicycle. Navigation will locate hope as an instrument of modern civilization, and a bicycle will take me to hope with physical pain. The crafted towel is an object to comport (sometimes to hold somebody or wipe the sweat) the self who seeks out hope, and works to promote the project like a free gift of an opening ceremony simultaneously. This project is a record of a very personal journey and is completed in the form of a book with images and objects.