õ 06 Ʈ

Geumcheon 06 Project


print print on bus-sides advertisement, 100x300cm, 50x250cm




<õ 06 Ʈ> õ 굿 ϴ õ 06 ǰ̴. õ 06 α ö ߽ 뼱̸ õ ߱ ̱⵵ ϴ. , ܺα ̿Ͽ ۾ Ͽ. ۰ ̼ ̼ ǰ <츮 ູؿ> Ƽ긦 ۼϿ, ϼǾ.

ϻ ӿ 츮 ϰ Ǹ װ ҷŰ Ȱ ȯŰ Ⱑ DZ⵵ Ѵ. ܺ ϰ Ȥ ȥ dz Ͽ ̵ ӿ Ĺ Ͼ .



<Geumcheon 06 Project> is the work of art conducted in the Geumcheon 06 shuttle bus, which is the only public transport to get to the Seoul Art Space Geumcheon and pass several metro stations. This project is a kind of Hommage to the artwork entitled <We Art Happy> of Bahc Yiso, who died in 2004. I utilised bus-sides advertisements for this project. The No.6 bus drivers wrote some sentences what they wanted to say and I printed them on the advertisement board.

People sometimes experience something strange in their everyday life. Memories and feelings from such experience might make you think your lives again. Through these sentences instead of commercial advertisement, I expect people seeing the bus to change their ways of thinking on daily life.