There are no foreigners in art


single channel video 12'44''

souvenir erasers in a showcase




2007 Ͻ 񿣳 ijġ ϳ "There are no foreigners in art". 񿣳 忡 پ ǰ μǾ ǸŵǾ. 񿣳 ϸ ̼ ȭ Ը ð ϴ ̵÷α⿡ ϰ Ǿ. ϰ ̵÷α Ͽ κ õ ȭ Ƿ ݿϰ ⼳ Ѵ.

̷Ӱ װ 찳 μǾ ִٴ κ̴. ȫ ʷ 찳 μ "There are no foreigners in art" ̷ ǹ̻Ӹ ƴ϶ ( װ Ͻ 񿣳̱ ׷ϴ) ҵ 찳 μν ΰ ڽ ϴ Ҵ. ̷ ߰԰ ÿ װ ϱ ߴ. Ͻ 񿣳 찳 ν ϴ Ȳ ϰ, ׷ ʴ ν ǹ̿ ̸鿡 ۵ϴ ̾߱ϰ Ѵ.



"There are no foreigners in art" was one of the catch phrases used at the Venice Biennale 2007. This slogan was printed on various products and they were sold in a souvenir shop. When I visited the Biennale, I found erasers with this slogan by chance and bought them. They made me think about globalisation of art and the forced ideologies of the blockbuster exhibition reflecting cultural power.

I was interested in the sentence printed on the low grade rubber. The phrase in erasers seemed to deny its meaning due to bad quality materials. Through rubbing out countries' names in the catalogue of the Venice Biennale 2007 with these erasers, I try to set up the situation denying the text. However, despite the attempt to get rid of them, the letters will not be erased. I think that remaining letters imply power which has great influence on art scene.