Ǽҵ  <Episode>

35mm color slide film projection, 06'40'', play in loop, 2010










ǥ  <The Signs>

acrylilc on canvas, wood, installation, 2010










 <In That Place>

ink-jet print, each 31.5x25cm (7ea.), 2010






























ϰ ġ ȿ 쿬 μ ġ Դ. Ե 𸣰, μ Ϸ縦 شٰ . ڸ ִٴ Դ ū Ǿ, ķ ׻ μ ٶ󺸰 Ǿ. 𰡸 ϰ װͿ ǹ̸ οϴ δ Ŵ ߻Ųٰ ߴ.

<Ǽҵ> ֹ Ҹ ȭϰ װ Ͼ ǵ Ұϴ ȴ. ̶ ΰ ̿ ϴ ƴϸ 繰, , ڿ Ȯ ִ. ۾ μ ǥϰ, , ϴ ϰ ϸ װ θ Ѵ. Ҿ μ ġ ü ӹ ʴ , װ Ͼ ȭ鿡 ̾߱ ϰ ʹ.



I happened to see a roadside tree on my way home. Even though it was a misunderstanding because of my sentimentality, I believed the tree made me feel comfortable. I felt the roadside tree, which stands there all the time, has given me a great comfort. Whenever I go past it, I have looked at it. After that, I thought that observing something carefully and making it meaningful might be insignificant but it would generate great energy in my life.

The work <Episode> is a sort of love story about a roadside tree and me. I occupied public place in the city for a while and had a close relationship with the tree as if we were a couple. I think that you could fall in love with objects, living things and the nature. This artwork reflects my emotional condition that is hard for me to love someone as an artist. I try to get comfort through my artwork and show not only unremarkable places in the city but also trivial changes.