Ȱ  <The Studies on Art Activities in Antarctica>

b5 size prints, installation, 2014




ؿ λ帳ϴ_Ʈ  <Greetings from Antarctica_ Website Lists>

ink-jet print, 58x80cm, 2014




ؿ λ帳ϴ <Greetings from Antarctica>

6 post cards, each 10.5x14.8cm, 2014




ϰ_Ž   <The Tip of the Iceberg_Exploration and Exploitation>

steel frame, rubber, foamex, 124x183x10cm, 2014




 <a Closed Hierarchy>

photography, wall text, dimension variable, 2014






,  Eunkyung Lee, <The Antarctic Moon>

pencil and oil on paper, 80x121cm, 2014




ķ  <Happy Camper>

single channel video, 08'20'', 2014




óϴ 7  <7 Artistic Ways to Respond to the Skuas' Attack>

single channel video, 04'00'', 2013 (Collaboration with Gwanak-MoVE)




 exhibition view, Space291 (Seoul, Korea)





̵ ŸƼī

Made in Antarctica




<̵ ŸƼī> İߵǴ ϰ ׵ ϴ ǰ ڷ (Field Manual)̶ ִ. ź ̸ Ȳ Ͽ ϰ ̸ ϴ ֿ Ѵ. ڸ ( ϰű) óϴ 7 , ̰ ý Ͽ ܺ μ ͵̴. п ؼ Ǵ ̶ ϱ⿡ 鵵 Ͽ Ϳ Ǿ Ѵ. ׸ ǿ ʰ ħ ̱ ٶ.



<Made in Antarctica> is a sort of field manual and alternative research data for artists who will go and work in Antarctica. These works include a number of contents, for example the definition of Antarctic Artists, trivial activities to handle an Antarctic Skua (South Polar Skua) and surviving ways in extreme environmental conditions, etc.

Antarctica is the only place where nations would be able to get the interests of the country by the scientific research. For this reason, artists going to Antarctica need to work with a scientific mind. This project might be impractical documents but I hope that it will help lots of artists work well in Antarctica.